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Alternative Medicine League Table - a ranking based on foundation programme score

Who even cares about rankings, right? Chances are that, however you feel about the validity of the CUG or Guardian tables, you will definitely be influenced by a universities rank on the league tables. Even the universities themselves pride themselves on strong rankings, whether national or international. But are the current medical school rankings reflective of the five years ahead? I decided to compile my own rankings based on foundation school applications, so read on if you are interested!

Right about now, you are probably doing some window shopping on what medical schools you would like to go to. Chances are, you have gone to a couple of open days and either loved/hated the place, and are trawling around the internet for any information that could help you pick exactly where you are going to spend the next 5/6 years of your life.

It's all in the numbers... A few things to think about with application statistics

Bonjour everyone!

Please excuse the French; I have just come back from a week-long trip from Canada for a short family holiday, and the last time I actually had any knowledge of the language was back in my GCSE days (how quickly the last five years have flown...)

I wanted to quickly say a big congratulations to those of you that received the A/AS level results you wanted this Thursday - I know how hard it is to get good grades in these exams! And to those of you that didn't get the grades you wanted, just remember that when one door closes, another one opens - you may not end up following your plan A, but if you keep working at it, you will end up loving it in the place that you do eventually end up. The important thing is to not let this stop you from working towards achieving your goals!