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How Oxford use the BMAT and GCSEs - a guide to undergraduate Medicine (A100) applicants

Whoever told you that getting loads of A*s at GCSEs don't matter when it comes to Medicine is probably right. That is, if they aren't applying to Oxford. Or Birmingham. Or Cardiff. I'm sure you get the picture by now, but if you are lucky enough to have a really strong performance at GCSEs, then read on for some more information about how Oxford will view your application.

Oxford mainly use the BMAT and GCSE performance in determining whether an applicant will be invited to interview. Therefore, if you have an amazing GCSE performance, such as having all A* grades, then your BMAT score does not need to be as high compared to somebody who has 80% A* grades at GCSE.

How Imperial use the BMAT - a guide for Medicine (A100) applicants

Imperial are one of the original 'big 4' medical schools that has been using the BMAT for many years. They are the only medical school that have a absolute BMAT cutoff and publish this on their website. In this post, I have explained exactly how Imperial use your BMAT score to decide whether you get an interview.

The advantage of knowing this information beforehand is that you can judge how confident you are for the BMAT and then decide whether you want to apply. However, it does mean that if the BMAT doesn't do as well as you would like, your other areas can't compensate as the cutoff is a strict one.