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The benefits of BScing - Why you should do an intercalated degree

One of the biggest decisions you will face in your medical school life is whether to spend an extra year doing the intercalated BSc. Let me make that decision easier for you guys - JUST DO IT. Trust me on this one. If you get the opportunity to do one, cling onto it like you never have before. You can thank me later!

OK, so I'm not saying this because at UCL we HAVE to intercalate. I mean, we do have to. However, I think that I would be advocating this even if it wasn't compulsory. And only after finishing the year do I realise the true value of the iBSc, and how fortunate I am to have done it at such a great academic institution.

Therefore, I have made a list of a few reasons why I think you should intercalate if you have the opportunity to do so. The reasons I will write are varied and will appeal to the many kinds of people there are in medical school - some of you (myself included, to an extent) won't do anything unless it is truly useful in the future; others may simp…